#PreciseEarzIndy Presents : NoVA (@Danovalife)


Name: NoVA
Age: 26
Reppin/City: Atlanta originally from Ghana
Who influenced you to rap: I always been a fan of rap music and rapped as a hobby but my cousin jaden was actually the person that convinced me to actually take it serious cuz I was good at it
Who are your musical influences: well let me see bob Marley , eminem , Jayz , kanye west and FuN
Standout records or moments have been: a song titled fuck it I’m African which is about just being yourself and the fact that being different is actually being urself.
What projects are you currently working on: I dropped an album titled 1 a few months back , which I have been pushing heavily this year. You can find it on iTunes and play music , spotify etc or also in datpiff
Five years from now I will be: a worldwide name with at least 3 Grammies . And an influential name in music

Twitter: @danovalife
Link to LP